Samosa Making Machine Manufacturer In Satara

samosa making machine 

We are the one of leading manufacturer and supplier of samosa making machine in satara,maharashtra. 

Prime machine provides automatic samosa production solution for you to mass-produce consistent quality samosa. The production line consists of comprehensive machines to make wrappers, process filling, form food, etc. Other specialist machines that you need, ranging from vegetable cutting to packaging, are available. Moreover, our one-stop service covers from professional recipe advice, manpower planning to production capacity consultancy. prime machine sales engineers with expertise and experience can customize the most suitable solution according to your needs.

In the solution below, the machines can be adjusted in model and quantity according to real production needs.

The production line covers:

[ Preparation ] We offer the sieving and mixing machines that match your production capacity and enable you to make smooth dough and wrappers. For filling processing, including cleaning, peeling, cutting, steaming, and seasoning, the production line has corresponding machines from vegetable washing machine to steamer.

[ Filling / Forming ] The forming machine is the major machine of the production line and the key to the quality of samosa in appearance. Simply by putting prepared dough and filling into the hoppers and then getting all settings ready, the easy-to-use machine can quickly make high-quality samosa.

[ Cooking ] In addition to the steamer for steaming potato, the “deep-frying” machine is available. automatic fryer can deep-fry a large number of samosa at one time. It is equipped with a food-grade conveyor to deliver deep-fried samosa out of the oil tank, which facilitate the next collecting and packing processes.

samosa making machine manufacturer in Satara


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